Activities for your child

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"


Variety and new adventures are the life-blood of imagination and enthusiasm.
Aside from being fun and exciting, extra-curricular activities can work wonders in building confidence. 
Little Acorn compliments their curriculum by incorporating a wide spectrum of activities which encourages self-expression and the development of talents both inside and outside the classroom.

Outdoor Play

"Dirty feet, happy heart"

We have designed Little Acorn to enhance and incorporate outdoor learning as much as possible. Our garden is complete with a natural playground, climbing frames, a mud kitchen, water play and loose props where children can explore, climb, build and pretend.  Encouraging independence, resilience, confidence, and problem solving skills.
Facilitating the development of risk assessment, setting limits and boosting cognitive skills as well as motor skills.

Creative Arts

"What the hand does the mind remembers"

Being creative is one of our most favourite things to do at Little Acorn, and if we can do it outside, even better! It not only encourages fine motor skills, neural development, and problem-solving abilities but is simply a source of beauty and expression. Art is vital, if somewhat intangible, and when children engage in hands-on art activities, they learn much better in all disciplines.

Imaginative Play

"Play is the work of a child"

We believe in the importance of providing children with a ‘safe’ avenue for acting out the ideas they are developing about the world around them  while
promoting language and vocabulary and emotional and social development.

Little Chefs

"Even the smallest of hands can help with kitchen tasks"

At Little Acorn we believe in Involving children in meal preparation and baking which can lead to good dietary habits. It gives the children an opportunity to work on motor skills as the tasks require hand strength and coordination, explore the sensory experience of taste, smell, textures as well as having fun!

Drama, song and move

"Human expression"

A time to explode and shake off all the excess energy in a drama and movement class. Children are invited to express them self with music, instruments and movement. Classes dive deep into the imaginary world as the children head off on a new adventure each week whether it's shooting off to the moon or an escapade through the deep dark Amazon jungle. An opportunity to boost self confidence, communication and public speaking skills in an informal fun environment.


"The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched-they must be felt with the heart""

Out in the fresh air we have dedicated time for our Little Acorn children to have quiet time and to be mindful and reflect on their hard days work. This time is essential for building balance and coordination while our mini Yogis  begin to learn about their mighty muscles and how to stretch them. They also learn that stretching is good for your muscles, and breathing is good for your brain. They learn that taking care of our  body and mind are both very important.

Lets Investigate

"Science is all around us"

Science experiments are an incredibly effective means of getting children interacting with the world around them. At Little Acorn children are learning how to use equipment safely, exploring cause and effect, observing change, making predictions, using their five senses, problem solving and develop an inquisitive mind.


"The bilingual brain"

Children are natural learners. Research has shown that a Childs brain is capable of learning several languages at once and the earlier the better. It enriches their mental development and provides a positive effect on their intellectual growth. By  exposing them to languages early in life we are laying the foundation for helping them be successful citizens of Zimbabwe and the world and this is the best gift you can give them.


"Inspiring active children"

Children are a bundle of energy. Sports and games are essential for applying this energy in a positive manner to reap the maximum benefits.  Teaching children life skills including patience, leadership, teamwork and self esteem.  Through a variety of balance and coordination games and activities children will develop their motor skills, spatial awareness, endurance, strength and flexibility.


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